Strengthening the economic efficiency of energy sector operators by taking advantage of the 5th generation communication system (5G).


The Project

The proliferation of 5G public networks represents a new possibility for managing critical systems, such as those of the energy sector. By adopting 5G networks, it is expected that energy sector operators will achieve significant efficiency gains, both at the time of acquisition, by the widespread adoption of these systems and during operation, sharing the use will hopefully reduce energy costs for users-customers of the network. However, there are increased concerns about reliability and security in this context.
The Smart5Grid project emerges with the aim to make energy sector operators take advantage of the benefits associated with the use of 5G networks. A solution is proposed to precisely meet the particular requirements imposed by Smart Grids, such as high data transfer rate and real-time monitoring.

Smart5Grid will allow industries with critical systems efficiency gains.



The Energy sector, and in particular its key players, such as power distribution operators and power transmission/transmission operators, currently face unique challenges ranging from the growing demand of consumers and regulators, to the (gradual) liberalization process of the sector, not forgetting the democratization of access to technologies and the adoption of new climate action measures.
Among these challenges, there is an increase in the resilience and security of the networks or the improvement of the quality of service provided (with an increase in customer satisfaction), simultaneously with the increase in operational efficiency.
The capabilities provided by 5G will precisely allow industries with critical systems to adopt “shared public networks”, with evident efficiency gains, both at the time of acquisition and in operation/maintenance.
Thus, it is expected that the Smart5Grid will enable companies in the energy sector to access technologies and features, capabilities inherent to 5G.

How it works

The solution will be based on an infrastructure management framework, composed of management, control and monitoring modules, based on network-slicing mechanisms for virtualising independent networks in the same infrastructure (physical network).
The implementation of Smart5Grid will also enable the development of a Smart Grid infrastructure monitoring platform (which will serve as a tool in an Integrated Centre for Operational Management and Control).
Within the scope of the Smart5Grid project, the Urban Platform, Ubiwhere’s solution designed and implemented as a cloud platform for smart cities, to be used in integrated management and control centres, will be adapted for Smart Grid infrastructure monitoring use cases.
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